Hi, I'm Georgie.

And welcome to my travel blog! I'm a 20-something Australian blogger who has temporarily relocated to the UK (no, not London!) I've been in love with travel since my "gap year" when I was eighteen, and despite my best efforts, have never managed to shake the travel bug!

I've tried many styles of travel from camping and couchsurfing to staying in an ultra luxurious overwater bungalow in the Maldives, but I think I'll always be a budget traveller at heart. I believe in travel with value - travel that's easy on your wallet, and good for you and others.

Although I'm now married, I still love my solo breaks and hope to show you to go on your own journeys and adventures, whether or not you have a travel buddy. Enjoy! x

And welcome to my travel blog! I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to beat the travel bug since 2010. Despite forays into the world of luxury travel and being married, I'm still a budget solo traveller at heart. I hope this blog inspires you on your adventures!