Georgie in a blue and white dress in front of a blue and yellow background

Hi, I’m Georgie, of Journey with Georgie (duh.)

I believe in travel with value, and I want to share that with you.

You might be thinking: okay, cut out the buzz words – what does that mean?

Well, travel with value is a few things to me. It is:

  • Friendly for your purse, so you don’t need to live like a pauper to see all the cool stuff on earth.
  • Good for the earth and those who live on it, so that rather than hurting anybody, travel actually benefits people and the planet.
  • Experiences that make you grow as a person and become more confident, knowledgeable and happy.

I’m not sure I believe the hype that travel is a one-way ticket to life, enlightenment and eternal happiness. However, I do think that travel can show the beauty of the world; introduce you to amazing people; and open your ideas to new ideas, values and experiences.

Come to think of it, that sounds a little like my idea of enlightenment. I guess that’s for you to decide!

Baby Georgie, travelling in Egypt alone at 18 years old. 

The Story Behind Journey with Georgie

Journey with Georgie was a long, long way in the making.

My first ‘real’ travel experience (i.e., not the time my parents took me to Disneyland) was when I was 18 years old and about to graduate high school.

Somehow, despite having really only previously visited Disneyland, travel was on my mind. Nervously, I asked my mum what she thought about me taking a week long trip to Thailand before university started.

“That is a GREAT idea!” she exclaimed. “But why only go for a week? Take a gap year. You have your whole life to study. Go for longer. Why not go to Europe? Asia is too close.”

(Anyone who knows my mother will attest that this story is 100% true. Helicopter parent, she ain’t.)

A few months later, I’d loaded up my backpack and was off for three months of travel around Europe, with a quick sojourn for a solo trip to Egypt (“Fabulous!” cried Mum). 

I learnt a number of things on this trip. Firstly, that my 18-year-old soul mate was not, in fact, my soul mate (although he was a very nice person). Secondly, that backpacks are horrible for people with no core strength, such as me. 

Thirdly, that I absolutely freaking love travel.

This trip was the beginning of a love affair with travel that is my most enduring romantic relationship (sorry, husband, the travel bug was here first). Since that day, I have travelled to dozens more countries and my love for travel only gets stronger with every place I experience.

Okay, but what about the blog?

Oh yeah, the blog. During my travels, I’ve learnt a lot of things. Travel has reminded me of my freedom, my shared humanity, my competence doing things independently, and the endless amounts of fascinating facts I’m yet to discover.

I think all of these have value. They are important. And I want to encourage other people to experience this.

Even if you’re like I was – I was once so shy that I couldn’t even ask a shop assistant for a price on something. If there was no sticker, there was no sale. Who would’ve thought that same girl would be navigating the streets of Luxor alone just a few months later?

I don’t just want to focus on what travel gives us, however. I think that travel should always be non-harmful – and frankly, it often isn’t. I know the deep regret that comes with inadvertently supporting unethical practises, and I want to help you to avoid those mistakes.

More than that, I want to help support practices that make the world a better place. I do believe that travel does a lot of good for the world. It opens peoples’ hearts to each other. It creates economic opportunity. It fuels the desire to know and understand more.

That, to me, is travel with value – and that’s what I want to share.

PS – as part of my commitment to travel with value, I have pledged to donate 15% of any profit from this blog to reputable, sustainable and empowering international development causes. The first charity I have selected is Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, which fights the leading causes of preventable brain damage worldwide.