Boats at Niagara Falls

Okay – so it’s really two continents, but here we are. Stretching from Alaska right at the top to Ushuaia, departure point for Antarctica, in the south, the Americas offer incredible diversity. While the USA and Canada dwarf many countries in size, each North and South American country offers rich and vibrant culture, as well as distinct history.

In North America, the United States is like many countries in one, with incredible diversity and difference. Over the border, friendly Canada boasts gorgeous landscapes and amazing ski opportunities. Heading down south, my beloved Mexico is (in my humble opinion) one of the best all-around travel destinations on earth – with delicious food, intriguing history, and a warm, rich culture.

Vibrant South America is a blend of cultures, and each country is different yet united with that quintessential Latin American flare. From intriguing pre-hispanic archaelogical sites to pumping nightlife, South America is surely one of the most exciting and dynamic destinations on the planet.

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