Female Sri Lankan cultural dancers in Kandy Sri Lanka

Asia was the first overseas continent I ever visited, and the place where the travel bug really took hold for me. Someone I know once told me ‘Asia gets under your skin’, and to me, they couldn’t be more right. It’s a continent that is filled with sights, sound and smells to awe and inspire.

From the sight of thousands of orange-clad monks lining the streets of Luang Prabang to take their daily alms, to the deserted, paradise-like beaches of Thailand, there’s good reason why South East Asia has long been traveller’s mecca. As a history lover, walking in the footsteps of the once mighty Angkor Empire in Cambodia is a definite thrill.

Elsewhere, Sri Lanka’s diversity defies its modest size and the Maldives offers unparalleled luxury. Of course, I’m yet to mention a few economic powerhouses such as China, Japan and Korea – just because I haven’t visited them (yet). They’re on the list, however!

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