Reproducing Content from this Site

Interested in reproducing my work? I’m flattered!

For photographs and writing by me, you are welcome to use it if it is for personal or not-for-profit use, as long as you attribute with a link back.

For photographs and writing by guest posters, this cannot be reproduced without their permission. Please contact me to discuss.

Accuracy of Information

I try really hard to keep this site as accurate as possible, but I’m only human and there may be errors, especially as things change constantly. You can’t hold me accountable for them. I am no expert. You should not rely on this advice alone.

Affiliate Links

In December 2018, I began the process of adding affiliate links to my website. An affiliate link means that if you book after clicking on a link on one of my blog posts, I earn a small commission. There is no extra cost to you, and that money allows me to keep my website running and buy the occasional glass of vino on the road.

I only use affiliate links for products I actually like and believe in. If you’d prefer not to use my link, then you can always open a new browser and search out the product yourself. You might want to clear your cookies first!

Money Stuff

This blog is a hobby, however I do hope one day it can be self-sustaining, as there are a lot of costs that go into running a site, not to mention the hours of work. If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to hear from you.

If I am lucky enough to monetise this site in the future, I am committed to ensuring that a minimum of 15% of money earned is donated to worthy organisations world-wide. I am very aware of the privilege I have in life being able to travel, due to reasons including my economic status, my nationality, and my ethnicity. I hope that this small gesture is one way to give back.

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