Horse riding is one of my all time favourite things to do while travelling. I grew up around horses, but sadly now live in the city, so it is an indulgence I always really enjoy. There is something very liberating about being on horse back, able to go where cars (and people!) cannot.

Horse in Ai Ben Haddou, Morocco
One of the many beautiful horses! You may recognise him from Game of Thrones!

As an experienced rider, however, there are usually two problems which stop me from taking a ride – firstly, it breaks my heart to see poorly treated horses and would never want to support such a thing. Secondly, while group rides can be enjoyable, they’re not usually the exhilarating gallop I’m after.

That is why I was so happy to find Centre d’Art Equestre in d’Ai Ben Haddou, Morocco. It was run by the lovely Chfi, who took us on an amazing trail ride around the Kasbah and into the edge of the Sahara. We went alone, so it was easy to alter the ride to suit our experience – in this instance, being able to go for the canter and gallop I love! Going off on your own private tour would also be fantastic if you’re looking for a romantic, but adventurous, option!

The horses are also “famous horses” – having appeared in movies and TV shows including the Prince of Persia and Game of Thrones! This training also makes them fabulous to ride; beautifully responsive but very safe.

Riding in Morocco
Out of focus, but having a brilliant time at the Centre d’Art Equestre!

Best of all, there was a lot of respect between horseman and his horses, and they were wonderfully taken care of with glistening coats! After the ride, we were even treated by being allowed to watch the preparations for the “Spectaque” show, which by the looks of it, is absolutely amazing.

Ait Ben Haddou Morocco
Preparations for the “Spectaque” with trick riding at Ait Ben Haddou Morocco

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