Lelepa Island in Vanuatu

Enormous Australia – my birthplace – might dwarf the other nations in this region, but that’s not to say Oz is the main attraction in Oceania. The region is filled with fascinating places, from the rugged and dramatic landscapes of New Zealand to the tropical beach paradises of Vanuatu and Fiji.

Australia is, of course, a country I’ve seen a lot of and a place that fascinates travellers with good reason. Its mammoth size brings amazing diversity, with beautiful unspoiled beaches, thick forests and chic cities. My personal favourite? The incredible wine regions – and especially the Barossa Valley, near my hometown of Adelaide.

Away from Oz, its closest neighbour of New Zealand offers amazing landscapes and incredible hiking trails (if you’re into that kind of thing). Even further east, the pacific islands such as Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji each have their own distinct cultures but are also connected by a similar laidback, friendly island vibe.

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